Arash Armin was born in Iran and grew up in a studio darkroom where he worked and lived in contrast, discovered the intrigue of art, and developed the sensibilities of a mystic. Fueled by imagination, he fled Iran on horseback to find himself amidst the world.

Eventually, Arash arrived in Utah where he grew his sense of wonder, his respect for the art of photography, and where he acquired his passion for cinematography. Rooting himself within and collaborating with the rich community of artists and musicians, he continues to explore the ways in which humanity is connected.

He feels the world from the distance and expanse of his imagination, and he identifies with the future, almost occupies it. He seems, at times, nostalgic for the present moment, lost in the stark possibility of moments, as if the future were solely air and he was coming back to the present moment, stunned by the utter physicality of now.

Portrait by Ryan Muirhead | Words by Zach Power 

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