Filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah for "The Moth & The Flame" | Fade Into You. 

Starring Sam Garbette & Summer Herlevi

Filmed in Los Angeles, California, for "Sego | whatever forever" 

starring Spencer Peterson, Thomas Carroll.

Read about this video on NPR.


Filmed in Tehran. 

Independent Project, Filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Music by "Timmy The Teeth | Dollar daze"

Editor in Chief  Matt Eastin

Starring Timothy George

Filmed in American Fork, Utah, for "Joshua James & Evan Coulombe | pretty feather"  recorded live at Willamette MTN by Jordan Clark. summer of 2017. 

Filmed in Mumbai, India for Benyamin. 

Starring Benyamin Bahadori & Shaily Mahmoudi

Filmed in Los Angeles, California for "Karmandan | baroon".

Starring Meredith Adelaide & Erwin Khachikian

Filmed in American Fork, Utah for "Joshua James, Nate Pyfer,  Evan Coulombe, Isaac Russell, Ronny Strauss. 

Filmed in American Fork, Utah. Live Music and Starring by Timothy George. 

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