twenty-five years old memoria

When I was 7, my first teacher impacted me a lot, She wrote me under every test that “I love you arash!” Every single paper. I grow up knowing love has impacted my life most of my childhood, Memories filled with love, love of people, the amount of love that every child needs and I’ve received from many people in my life. My way of knowing and understanding people is to love them, really love them, from bottom of my heart, because you believe, it changes so much, it will impact the people and it’s important in my life. Creating requires love, everybody that creates.

I do appreciate the chance of meeting Artists, because every single person who creates, they impact someone. Someone. Even if you create to impact yourself. I really care about creating, my life is a dedication to creating something, friendship, music, art in any mediums, capturing a memory, something that last in your life, lives. You never can throw people away but to keep them, to love them, to see them succeed, to be happy for their beautiful presence in this world. Everyone is an artist. Everyone. Loving each other means so much. Smile. Even when you’re sad. Even when you’re falling. It brings you up. It nourishes your soul. 

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